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Who we are

Hi everyone, I'm Giulia and I'm the founder of Chok Chok Lab: an all-Italian destination for cutting-edge Asian beauty products.

The story of Chok Chok Lab begins in 2016, when I found myself living in hectic Seoul and from "person who goes to bed with makeup and uses moisturizer when it happens" I turned into a skincare addict. The richness and variety of brands and products for any kind of problem opened up a universe for me that I still couldn't get out of in 2022.

After a thousand vicissitudes to be able to have my favorite products once I returned to Europe and a return to Korea in 2018, it was all clear to me: I could share my passion with all of you and bring you some of my beloved Korea.

And so Chok Chok Lab was born; a site with the main purpose of making people discover and appreciate cutting-edge beauty products from Asia and to give everyone healthy, radiant skin to be proud of: Chok Chok skin!

xx Julia

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