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Privacy Policy (Site) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of those who visit the various pages belonging to this domain. In addition, we recognize the importance of providing information about how we use visitor data.

The data that is collected through the visit to the various pages of the site and the information released through the purchase will be kept by the owner ANDREANI GIULIA based in Via XX Settembre 21 – 26028 Sesto ed Uniti (CR) VAT no. 01775380338.

DATA PROCESSING collects the data that visitors leave at the time of purchase (personal data, address, email address, telephone number) and navigation data and behavior on the site. The data is collected for:
  - conclude the purchases
  - manage requests via email
  - receive information regarding products
Consent to data processing for the last two points must be done by subscribing to the newsletter on the site or at the time of purchase.

During visits to the sites, can collect data on visitor behavior through cookies or pixels. The type of information that is collected refers to the IP address, the language and type of browser and the addresses of the pages visited.
These cookies and pixels will be used by to target advertising, personalization and marketing activities and to carry out analyzes on the areas of greatest interest on the site, so as to improve its quality.
Cookies can be deactivated via the pop-up on the site or via the "preferences" of the browser used.

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